Back, but Not Home

I returned to the United States on the first day of July, but I feel like I left behind my entire life in Greece. It is a strange feeling, and after almost a week of being back, the strangeness continues to linger. Honestly, this is a very hard post to write – every time I […]

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Molyvos, Lesbos, Greece

It has been a while since I have posted, but I have been settling into my new role/life in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in the world: Molyvos, Greece. I have been here about two weeks now and it has been an adjustment in several ways, though not all of […]

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Haiti 2014/2015

Again, as I was looking back through old posts, I noticed that this post had bad formatting, so I am republishing it with the corrections, I hope you enjoy it: My birthday is always a hard one to plan around. Most of my friends are gone on Christmas Eve to be with their families for […]

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Cambodia, A Love Story

I wanted to reformat this post as I did not like the way I had laid it out before (I am currently reformatting and redoing my entire blog to simplify things and clean it up a little), but I feel it is especially important for this post because this was the country that started it […]

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Haiti Update

So, the final countdown begins. I have a little less than five days now until I begin my next adventure: Haiti. I am excited to be spending my birthday, Christmas, and the New Years in Haiti, volunteering on a clean water and community development project. I will be spending time in a village about sixty […]

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Give Back: Special Olympics

This last weekend I had the great pleasure of volunteering as an assistant coach for my local Special Olympics swim team at the regional competitions in Corvallis, OR. Volunteering has always been a huge part of my life and this year marks the sixth year I have been volunteering with Special Olympics Oregon. I always […]

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