Back, but Not Home

I returned to the United States on the first day of July, but I feel like I left behind my entire life in Greece. It is a strange feeling, and after almost a week of being back, the strangeness continues to linger. Honestly, this is a very hard post to write – every time I […]

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Molyvos, Lesbos, Greece

It has been a while since I have posted, but I have been settling into my new role/life in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in the world: Molyvos, Greece. I have been here about two weeks now and it has been an adjustment in several ways, though not all of […]

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England – April 2016

The next stop on my great European Adventure was London, England. I have wanted to visit this city for years and it was amazing to finally get to see it in person. The first night was filled with quite an adventure, but probably not in the way you would think. A little after four in […]

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