Just the Beginning

Yesterday, January 21, 2017, was just the beginning. Protests and demonstrations took place in over six hundred cities around the country but also took place in cities on all seven continents around the world. The Women’s March is being called the biggest demonstration in American history. While I would have loved to have been in Washington […]

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Just a short post: This weekend I got to spend the day out by the river with my grandfather and my mother, and I actually got to snap some pictures of them. My family is probably the hardest to photograph – they neither like to have their picture taken, nor are they entirely photogenic. It was […]

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So, for the last month or so I have felt that I have been in a sort of Limbo state. My life has felt relatively static, with not much going on and my future pretty uncertain. I am a planner. I love to have my life planned out a few months in advanced – or […]

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New Year, New Camera

My grandparents have always been my biggest supporters – not matter what. Knowing that I love photography and I will be traveling out of the country soon, they decided to get me an early graduation present: A BRAND NEW CAMERA, LENSES, AND BAG!! I was able to all my new gear from B&H (which I highly […]

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Los Angeles 2015

So this last weekend I traveled south to Los Angeles with my mother for a fun getaway. I had a very packed weekend – there is so much more to do in LA than there is back home – but one of the things I should have thought through more was the timing of the […]

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Ain’t I A Woman

Last night I had the honor and privilege to see Laverne Cox, an advocate for the LGBT community, speak at Southern Oregon University. In her lecture, Ain’t I A Woman, Laverne Cox not only spoke about her own struggles about growing up in a society that did not approve of her being a trans-woman, but […]

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