Bucket List

I just found a bucket list I had made about a year ago. Some of these things I can see on the horizon, some are a great distance away, and some may never happen, but I think I must try. It’s time to start checking some of these off πŸ™‚

  • visit the ruins of chichen itza
  • visit all 50 u.s. states (11/50)
  • visit petra
  • river tube at vang vieng, laos
  • wade through a cranberry bog
  • complete a spartan race
  • visit the grave of f. scott fitzgerald
  • let go of a floating lantern
  • see the great pyramid of giza
  • get every tattoo I’ve ever wanted
  • spend holiday in greece
  • make documentaries about my travels
  • visit four corners
  • spend time in a war-torn country
  • play hide and seek in ikea
  • catch a jar of lightning bugs
  • get tattooed at the wooster street social club
  • visit easter island
  • go on a road trip with friends
  • go to mexico for spring break
  • spend a year in asia
  • visit westminister abbey
  • live in england
  • start my own nonprofit
  • go to a formula 1 grand prix
  • give back
  • spend time in israel
  • visit norway
  • visit all of the countries of my ancestors
  • hold a monkey
  • visit angkor wat
  • walk with elephants in the jungle
  • visit the grave of j. r. r. tolkien
  • go to a drive in movie
  • visit poland
  • get an anchor tattoo
  • walk on the great wall of china
  • visit the children i sponsor – luis
  • visit the children i sponsor – hellen
  • backpack europe solo
  • visit south korea
  • visit cambodia
  • step foot on antarctica
  • join the peace corps
  • go to the olympics
  • go on a walking safari
  • graduate from college
  • see a broadway play
  • go on a date to the zoo
  • watch all of the harry potter movies in one day
  • attend a masquerade
  • see the northern lights
  • party in las vegas
  • go surfing in norway
  • visit the taj mahal
  • spend a holiday somewhere exotic
  • open a bakery
  • visit new york city
  • be a mother
  • rescue a puppy
  • jungle trek to see the orangutans at bukit lawang, sumatra
  • horseback ride through bryce canyon, utah
  • spend the night with traditional minority families (i.e. masai warriors in kenya or hill tribe people in sapa)
  • visit india
  • visit germany
  • visit a new country every year
  • visit prague
  • rock climb at railey’s bay, krabi, thailand
  • drink rice wine
  • celebrate st. patrick’s day in ireland
  • cook more
  • go to venice, italy
  • go to rome
  • sit and talk with a monk in asia
  • watch the ball drop in times square
  • throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands
  • hike up a mountain on at least each new continent
  • eat off the street carts or in the local restaurants for a week
  • visit washington d.c.
  • have a dog for its entire life
  • take part in a TEFL program
  • get around on local transport
  • write a best seller
  • see the sunrise over mt. bromo, indoensia and the san dunes of soussesvlei, namibia
  • surf at nias island, sumatra
  • have a paint fight
  • visit the sistine chapel
  • spend time volunteering in africa
  • ride in a horse drawn carriage
  • see the sunset in zanzibar, san diego, koh lanta, cape town, kruger national park, and portugal
  • set foot on all 7 continentsΒ (2/7)
  • become a member of the traveler’s century club
  • visit abbey road and recreate the beatles cover
  • go deep sea diving
  • spend the night in a haunted mansion
  • spend the night at an aquarium
  • see the sydney opera house
  • spend countless evenings swinging in a hammock, at sun down, with a beer, on the beaches of thailand
  • visit the filming locations of the lord of the rings and the hobbit
  • jump off a waterfall
  • become more of an outdoor person
  • build a treehouse
  • ride in a hot air balloon
  • party until sunrise with fellow travelers
  • ride in a gondola
  • visit every country on the planet
  • swing from a chandelier
  • go white water rafting
  • be braver
  • touch the bottom on nemo 33
  • start running 5ks
  • try dog sledding
  • ride the biggest rollercoaster in the world
  • climb mt. everest
  • see his holiness the dalai lama in person
  • float in the dead sea
  • move into my own apartment
  • visit/volunteer at orangutan sanctuary in borneo
  • make a british guard laugh
  • visit vienna
  • save a life
  • be photographed by tyler knott gregson
  • visit reflecting salt flat in bolivia
  • race on an ostrich
  • volunteer at an orphanage
  • visit chernobyl
  • learn how to surf
  • swim with dolphins
  • go to iceland
  • visit rio
  • live to meet my grandchildren
  • visit kumning stone forrest
  • build an orphanage
  • build a school
  • ride a camel
  • try wind surfing
  • visit budapest
  • ride in a submarine
  • go to africa and travel independently
  • participate in the tomatina festival in spain
  • visit heaven’s gate, china
  • see the 7 wonders of the world
  • cruise the nile river
  • spend a summer in europe and attend all the festivals
  • become fluent in sign language
  • volunteer at an animal sanctuary in south africa
  • be part of a murder trail (as a juror)
  • white water raft the nile river
  • sail into the bermuda triangle
  • island hop in the greek islands and get lost on ios for at least a week
  • see the big buddha in phuket, thailand
  • learn as many languages as possible
  • sponsor a child
  • read more
  • participate in the popsugar reading challenege every year, complete at least once
    • 2015
    • 2016
  • do an overland tour of africa
  • make photography more than a hobby

  • do a photo trip to cuba

  • work with photographers without boarders

  • read at least 1 book/month for the rest of my life

  • get a ‘big girl’ job

  • live in a big city

  • complete at least 2 photo essays in 2016

  • publish a book

  • read every pulitzer prize book winner

  • Participate in NaNoWriMo
  • See the Lavender Fields in France

7 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. let go of a floating lantern – On my list too!
    play hide and seek in ikea – Funny! I hope you get to do it. It will be fun πŸ™‚
    go on a road trip with friends – Also on my list
    go to a drive in movie – Also on my list. I’m a fellow W Coaster, we’re running out of drive-in options. Have you done this one yet? If so, where did you go?
    graduate college – On my list, this is my most recent accomplishment (got to do it twice, as will you!)
    ride in a hot air balloon – On my list. This is one I am trying to do this year
    learn how to surf – Me too
    build a school – Saw this was crossed off. what school?
    ride a camel – Me too. I did it at the Puyallup Fair ;p
    be part of a murder trail (as a juror) – That’s better than being the defendant, glad you clarified πŸ˜‰
    sponsor a child – I just added this to my list. I’m looking at orgs now. Do you have one in mind yet?

    1. let go of a floating lantern – I think the floating lantern festival in Thailand would be a fun way to knock that one off.
      play hide and seek in ikea – We have a giant Ikea in Portland so I just need to organize my friends πŸ˜‰
      go on a road trip with friends – Any ideas where you want to road trip? I was thinking about going on a trip to Seattle and then Canada πŸ™‚
      go to a drive in movie – I think there is a drive in movie in central Oregon, but you’re right, they are disappearing! I haven’t been yet, but I think I will have to this summer though.
      graduate college – Congratulations on graduating! That is so exciting πŸ™‚
      ride in a hot air balloon – I think this would be a fun one! Do you have any hot air balloon festivals where you live? we used to have one, but I’m not sure where else would be a good chance to do it.
      learn how to surf – Have you ever tried before? Living on the West Coast, I always feel it is way too cold haha
      build a school – I went to Cambodia and helped work build a school room and other parts of the grounds. The village I worked in had a main building and then a lot of smaller school rooms around it and a group and I built one of the rooms around it.
      ride a camel – Oh nice, haha, I bet that was fun. Good tip too, I think a fair would be a good place to find a camel to ride.
      be part of a murder trail (as a juror) – Yeah I wrote that and then realized that sounded bad haha but I love watching trials and I have always wanted to be a part of one. I am super interested in criminology and I think it would be a very interesting experience.
      sponsor a child – I have looked a lot into children.org and they seem like a very good organization. They have also been vetted by the BBB and is an accredited charity. I think it is a great organization so let me know what you think if you get the chance, or let me know if you find one you like better πŸ™‚

      Good Luck with all of your bucket list items as well!

      1. go on a road trip with friends – No ideas of a route yet. I haven’t really put time into planning this one at this point. Seattle’s a good choice. If you come up here, let me know and we can meet up (it’s where I live).
        go to a drive in movie – I heard there were two in WA somewhere also, but I’m not sure. Whenever I think of this goal I always feel a bit of urgency, like I’m racing against the developers or something!
        ride in a hot air balloon – I don’t know but I’ve spent time in New Mexico because I’ve got family there, and I know Albuquerque has a very large balloon festival every year, in October. Also not a bad place for a road trip… hm…
        learn how to surf – I haven’t tried before, but maybe if/when I go to California? It’s warmer there than Pacific NW.
        build a school – That is very cool. Did you go with an organization? How did you hear about that opportunity?
        ride a camel – Yeah, it wasn’t what I expected when I wrote that goal originally, but it worked for me. I’ve got a post on it too, if you want to read more
        be part of a murder trail (as a juror) – Is criminology what you’re studying, or a separate interest?

        sponsor a child – It does seem like a good organization from the website. Thanks for showing me. I am looking for an organization that does more than just give money and supplies without expecting things back. I am reading Toxic Charity and feel like if I’m going to sponsor a child I want them to grow up knowing that they can’t rely on getting free things, but have to have personal responsibility as well. Then they will be able to make the most out of situations, and keep respect and dignity, instead of feeling like they have to take handouts. I didn’t see whether there are requirements for how involved or if you have to keep good grades or things like that, but I did see they give education and run on volunteer work (mostly from parents/family of sponsored children) and that they employee locals which I think is great. I am currently thinking of going through Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos (http://www.nphusa.org/), because they definitely require shared work and responsibility from the children they help, which seems to help the kids feel like they are part of their own solution to life’s bad situations. What do you think?

  2. go on a road trip with friends – Oh nice! I will definitely let you know when I make it up there! It would be cool to meet up ☺
    go to a drive in movie – Haha I know what you mean! I always say I will go in the summer but I am always afraid it will be gone by then.
    ride in a hot air balloon – Oh wow, I bet that would be fun! Haha a good road trip idea indeed ☺
    learn how to surf – So true, California would be a great place to learn, a lot warmer than up here!
    build a school – Yes, I went with an amazing organization based out of Australia called Reach Out Volunteers (http://www.rovolunteers.com/). They are such an amazing organization and I had one of the most amazing experience there! I want to go again, the people I met there (both volunteers and Cambodians) were some of the most amazing people I have ever met!
    ride a camel – I think it would be fun to ride one in Morocco or something or race on a camel.
    be part of a murder trail (as a juror) – It is kind of a separate interest for now. I might go back and get a degree in criminology someday, but right now I am studying international security and foreign relations.
    sponsor a child – I think that is a very cool program and I will definitely have to look into it a lot more, but I do like their ideals. I think it would be a good program to sponsor a child from and I look forward to doing more research on sponsoring a child ☺

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