Personal Goals Updates: March

This month has been a pretty productive month, even though it has been a busy one. I have made some amazing plans for next month and some for the rest of the year. Going to Cuba has been a dream of mine for years so I cannot wait to see what April has in store for me!


Goal 1: Despite this being a pretty crazy month, I managed to read three books. I am pretty happy with myself that I stuck to my goal and took the time to find some peace in reading.

Goal 2: No updates.

Goal 3: Being that I am going to Cuba next month, I have a few ideas to kick around for photo essays while I am down there.

Goal 4: I have big announcements and plans regarding this goal! I have finalized my plans, so I am excited to announce that later next month I will be taking off for CUBA for two weeks! I am very excited about this, as it has long been a dream destination of mine. And speaking of dreams being fulfilled, at the end of the year I will be seeing HAMILTON! That’s right, Hamilton: An American Musical in Chicago. Not only will I get to see my favorite musical off all time, one that I listen to Non-Stop (see what I did there?) but I will also get to visit a new city and a new state! What an exciting year this is shaping up to be in terms of travel.

Goal 5: Still looking and planning, but no real progress to speak of. I am considering going abroad for a few months again to work (a little like what I did in Greece this year, but this time somewhere else).

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