Personal Goals Updates: January

I meant to get this out before the end of January, but better late than never. The first month of this New Year seemed to fly by, and pass painfully slowly all at once. The last ten days of January have seemed a little surreal, and it is still hard to believe all that has happened.

While I didn’t quite start off the year with a speedy bang in terms of the goals I set for myself, I definitely made some progress. I read one book (a two-part series of graphic novels that make up one story) and have started another I hope to finish in a week or so. And I have some travel plans that I hope to finalize this month. It includes a little international travel (which will satisfy my wish to visit at least one new country a year) as well as some plans to explore some new states in my own country.


I have also taken place in two local demonstrations/protests. On the 21st of January I participated in the Women’s March of Southern Oregon and on the 31st I participated in a protest in Medford’s “Stand for Sanctuary” rally, so it has been an empowering month if nothing else.


I can’t wait to see what this new month holds.

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