Island Road Trip – Lesbos, Greece

Last week I had an amazing day off from work (though I have to say I was thinking about the boys most of the time). I teamed up with one of the other volunteers who also had her day off and we decided to explore the island. We may not have had a plan, but we had Google to thank for some great suggestions, and we ended up spending a good chunk of the day (about eight hours to be exact) driving around the west coast of the island.

There are many reasons why I have fallen in love with Greece – the beautiful scenery, the quaint little villages, the friendly cats, and of course the food – so how lucky were we that our trip included all of these things?!

If you visit the island of Lesbos (which you absolutely should, like seriously, if you go anywhere this year, come here!) then you should make the effort to visit the following places: Molyvos (my ‘home’ village of course), Petra (our village neighbor), Eresos, Skala Eresou, and Sigri. The last three were some of the most beautiful little villages, with some of the best food around and some of the most beautiful sites to see (if you need proof, just look at the pictures).

I don’t know how I am going to be able to leave this beautiful island, which has become a refuge to refugees and volunteers alike. This has honestly become like a home to me and as I head into the last week of my stay here I realize that once I do go home I will feel homesick for all of the things I have here.

I am determined to make the most of my last week though!

That’s all for now!

Molyvos, Lesbos, Greece (05.29.16)**



You can see more pictures from my European adventure here.

**Due to limited access to WiFi, some of my posts have been written a week or more before publication. For that reason, I will try to post the date they were written to give you an idea of when the events in the post took place.

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