A Hard Week – Molyvos, Greece

I have some sad news to share from last week. On Wednesday morning of last week, one of the volunteer/staff members was on her way to work when she heard cries of distress coming from the dumpster near her house. When she investigated she found four newborn kittens (about two weeks old); one at the bottom of the dumpster trapped under a hunk of wood.

I immediately fell in love with them, they had the most beautiful blue eyes; but I especially fell in love with the one that had been trapped, the runt of the group. She was so beautiful. We took them to the vet who said it was not likely she would make it (she wasn’t eating much and was much weaker than the others). That did not deter me. I named her Bowie (we named the others Prince, Sahara, and Seymour). I spent hours just holding Bowie, loving her, talking to her, and trying to get her to eat. Four days in, we thought she was doing better. She was eating more, and peeing more, she seemed good. But that same day I received a text that she had died on the way to the vet for a checkup.

I can’t begin to explain how devastated I felt. It may seem strange to some, that I became so quickly attached to this little creature, but I really did love her. And I felt like I failed her. She deserved so much better than to be thrown away with the trash. I wish more than anything I could have saved her, but I feel like I did everything I could.

Needless to say, it has been a hard week.

Molyvos, Lesbos, Greece (05.01.16)**


You can see more pictures from my European adventure here.

**Due to limited access to WiFi, some of my posts have been written a week or more before publication. For that reason, I will try to post the date they were written to give you an idea of when the events in the post took place.

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