Northern Ireland – March/April 2016

After Dublin, I headed north on the train and made my way to Belfast, Northern Ireland. What an adventure, for so many reasons. If you had asked me a few months ago how I would feel about making my way across Europe solo I probably would have laughed at you. Lately my anxiety has been bad, and the thought of being alone in a foreign country with the possibility (and in my case likelihood) of getting lost would have been too overwhelming. But I did it! I successfully navigated my way from one country to the next.

I spent the next few days exploring the region, including doing my major nerdy activity of the trip: GAME OF THRONES TOUR! I got to spend the day traveling around Northern Ireland visiting various filming locations from my favorite show (and one of my favorite book series ever!). I got to see the location of season one Winterfell, where the Starks found the direwolf pups, the Twins, the hanging tree where Brienne and Jamie found the girls, met the dogs that play Summer and Grey Wind, and many more places. We dressed up like the Night’s Watch when we visited the place where Robb was named King of the North, and I even got to hold his sword (so much heavier than I thought!). It was such an incredible adventure and I am excited for the upcoming season and new book (if it ever comes out).

Belfast, Northern Ireland (03.31.16 – 04.04.16)


You can see more pictures from my European adventure here.

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