Ireland – March 2016

Hey all! I know I am super behind in posting blog updates, but I have been a little busy with my travels (and if I am being honest, I have put off getting a universal adapter for my laptop, but now that I have I am ready to share!).

After a very long (30+ hours) journey from Oregon, I arrived in Dublin, Ireland on March 27 at five in the morning. I was exhausted, but somehow managed to make my way from the airport to my host all the way out in Sandymount! I think I slept something like 16 hours straight after that. I spent the next several days navigating my way around Dublin. I absolutely loved it! I went everywhere I could think of: Dublin Castle, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Guinness distillery, and everywhere in between. I also spent some time on the coast near Sandymount.

I have to say it felt quite empowering to navigate the city alone. I am not sure if I have ever shared this before, but at times I have anxiety and there were moments when I was worried that going on this adventure alone would be a problem (and there have been a few bumps along the way), but overall this has been an extremely empowering experience and I look forward to sharing more!

Dublin, Ireland (03.27.16 – 03.31.16)


You can see more pictures from my European adventure here.

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