Bucket List Progress

So the first month of 2016 is already halfway over, how crazy is that! I just wanted to give a brief update on my Bucket List plans for this year. I am in the middle of completing one of my goals, which is to “complete at least 2 photo essays in 2016”. My first essay is a social justice piece, following a local Neurodiversity Alliance group who is fighting for equal rights and social justice. It has been an interesting journey so far, but I still have a ways to go with the group, and the project will wrap up in February. You can follow the story as it develops here on WordPress, or you can follow it on Facebook and Instagram.

Another goal I want to accomplish this year is backpack Europe solo. As I mentioned before, I will be leaving for Europe this spring and now I have an official date: March 25! So let the countdown begin, T-69 days to go! As I am drawing to a close with the planning phase I know I will definitely be visiting the following countries: Ireland, North Ireland, England, France, Germany, and Greece. I may be visiting more, but this seems like a good start for the meantime! I will be splitting my time between work and play – visiting the set of Game of Thrones in Ireland and 221b Baker Street in London, and I will also be completing another photo essay and doing some volunteer work. I am excited to share all my travels with you.

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