Haiti Update

So, the final countdown begins. I have a little less than five days now until I begin my next adventure: Haiti. I am excited to be spending my birthday, Christmas, and the New Years in Haiti, volunteering on a clean water and community development project. I will be spending time in a village about sixty miles outside of Port-au-Prince. One of the things I will be participating in is the kite festival, which I am very excited for. During the festival, the local community members will get to pick presents from what myself and the other volunteers are bringing. I did some fundraising and donation collection around my hometown and I am excited to say I will have lots of goodies to bring with me. I was able to collect 11 packs of glow sticks, 7 puzzles, 9 packs of pencils, 10 packs of pencil sharpeners, 5 packs of combs, 2 packs of erasers, 1 bar of soap, 1 bag, 5 packs of crayons, 6 games, 4 packs of underwear, 12 pairs of socks, 12 balls, 5 sets of flash cards, 3 sets of dish towels, and 3 kites! I cannot wait to brighten the day of the local community. I feel so blessed for this opportunity and I look forward to posting pictures and my story when I return in January.

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