An Item off the List: Watch All of the Harry Potter Movies in One Day

While I did not have very many big plans this summer, I was determined to do one thing: watch all of the Harry Potter movies in one 24-hour period back to back. Yesterday, I did that! This is the first summer I have not worked or had summer classes in nine years and I knew this summer would be the perfect opportunity to have my marathon.

To be honest, I haven’t actually watched a single HP movie all the way through since I saw The Deathly Hallows, Part II in theaters three years ago, nor have I re-read any of the books (which I plan to do again sometime in the nearish future). As I sat down and watched all of movies back-to-back, I finally realized why I have been so reluctant to do so. It was literally as though I was reliving my childhood, which was all at once very good and very bad. It’s hard to put into words just how big and important a role Harry Potter played in my life, and how much it helped me through my childhood and into my adolescence.

Like all good books, Harry Potter was a great escape and I feel like it gave me a lot of freedom. No matter how hard things got in my life, I knew I could always count on escaping into the world of Harry Potter. I can still remember sitting in the theater and starting to cry when as soon as the music started. It really hit me that my childhood was basically over, and just as the characters had, I feel like by the end of the whole experience I had really grown. Doing it all over again, brought up a lot of old feelings and memories, but overall I loved every second of it (all 72300 seconds of it), but it was quite exhausting so I think I will be sticking to marathoning LOTR for now 😉

2 thoughts on “An Item off the List: Watch All of the Harry Potter Movies in One Day

    1. Indeed! It was really hard to realize that after that night there would be no more books, no more going to the crazy midnight releases with friends. It was definitely an adventure all its own watching them again, though I was not particularly fond of watching all of my favorite characters die back to back again.

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